16 Incredibly Cool Facts About Your Baby

1. Babies are born to boogie.
2. Newborns have natural aquatic instincts when in water!
3. Babies are born with 300 bones.
4. Smiles are reserved for human babies only.
5. Newborns don’t have kneecaps.
6. Babies go through around 3360 diapers in the first year.
7. Infants first recognize the color red.
8. Babies grow at an insanely speedy rate.
9. They also grow about 1 to 1.5 cm each month.
10. Newborns are tear-free.
11. Their stomachs are the size of a walnut.
12. Babies lose the hair they are born with.
13. Babies will sleep, on average, 5400 hours in the first year.
14. Babies deprive their parents of approximately 44 days of sleep.
15. Their taste buds only recognize sweet and sour.
16. Infants have supersized body parts.

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